Monday, January 5, 2009

New and High Res...

If I ever granted with a wish just to go back and walk down the year 08' lane and change every single little things that Iam about to touch,.. or feel... and captured, I would not do it! Let alone trade them with all the precious stones and gems that the universe could offers because for the first time in my entire state of existence.. I sense LOVE..

I feel like was being born again since day one, the vibrant and the essence of what we call Living came to me, approaching and greets me in a whole new dimensions. The atmosphere back at home is getting warmer and warmer as the clock ticks, it makes me just wanted to stay in there as long as I could and when I step my feet out of the door.. it become more sensible, the picture I have bare in mind manifest one after another at it's best..

In additions I made a tremendous amount of new friends, and they keep on coming from every single corner anywhere my feet could possibly travel..and the old ones is just keep on getting closer, marveling it way finding comfort in side my heart and not letting my self hesitate and let them follow the rhythm of my heart beats.
I open eyes, mind and heart wider then I have never before..learn and learn new things each days and took note closely and let no single of dust calls regrets, stay and resting on my shoulder for to long.
I look hard in the mirror every now and forever and the reflection is flawlessly projecting the word...BLESS...
-Shukur ke hadrat Allah-

....and to a phenomenal 09',... here we comes : )

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Late Shift...

Last night I had the chance to witness a classy urban street painting done by our local talent with the name 'The Great LufTy' aka Black Intrude. Seeing him at work was highly inspiring. I question him if he ever remember his first tagging and he eventually did. The masterpiece he created this time is, crafted with his own personal twist specially for Wardrobes Inc. The "painting" was about 70 percent done but it was already to good to be indulge by anyone who appreciate and open up to street art and of course understand it cultures.
Drive by early in the morning or really late at night because.. that's the only time you ever lay your eye on it.
Lufty out at the Studio

More pictures uploaded on my Facebook.
For stages process picture of Lufti's at work click here

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Knot Ties..

A heartiest congratulations goes to a dear good friends,Meme and Waji for ending their years as a bachelor on the 19 of December 2008. May Allah bless the both of you with an endless fortunes, health and a whole lots of children amin! ; )

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Error Inspired..

Another photoshoot trial project for the GA' jockeys was conducted by Abd.Khalik Jr, creator of Kreatif Error a.k.a my Sifu hehehe, last Sunday. This young fella' is full of suprises, innovative and most of all HELPFUL! and Iam honoured once again recieving an invite and shot with him. I cannot wait what else you got in mind bro and when you do gimme a ring, I love to come out and play! : )
The Boys....almost..

A an occurrence of ErroR... a Kreatif one...

Oh..more picture on my Facebook and here

Monday, December 1, 2008

Putz it On!!

I took a photo assignment from Lim's last Friday to cover Dj.Putz live spin two hours session at Wardrobes Inc. Excited as a little boy I'am so I went there with my new toy heheh. I wanted to learn more about strobings and the perfect person for me to go to is no one but my master, Abd.khalik Jr. *wassap sifu! hehe* and by the time I got there he's already on the scene. Thought it was easy as it look but hell! this technique will took a life time for me to master!! and Iam not quite satisfied with the result but hey! its my a first attempt and I know thing will fall into place eventually hehehe.. only time will tell ; )

Lights Are Fun!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Motions...

It be great if I own a handycam at the same time so I can make the above motions of dinie more fluidable plus a sounds added to it but a camera is more what i can handle right now hehe.
Those are taken during the Lagoon Skate Jammed last sunday in KB.
It was short but hope any of you dig them ; )